Lodge Laxford No 1380 History

A meeting was held in Scourie on the 1st November 1929 at which the following Brethren were present;

Bro D.C Morrison, Bro N. Macleod, Bro G. Ross, Bro H.A Mackay, Bro H. Macleod, Bro A. Mackay,
Bro W. Mackenzie, Bro H. MacKay, Bro G. Campbell, Bro H. Campbell, Bro G. Mackay, Bro E. Macleod,
Bro G. Thompson.          

It was unanimously resolved to approach the Provincial Grand Lodge of Sutherland to invoke their sympathy for the formation of a Lodge in Scourie. Bro D.C Morrison was appointed to correspond with Provincial Grand Lodge on the subject.

Much correspondence was exchanged, mainly regarding the suitability of the Scourie Hall and whether sufficient numbers of candidates could be guaranteed. These points were eventually resolved.

The petition for the Charter was recommended by Lodge Loch Shin No 1352 and Lodge St Devenic No1277 (now dormant) Provincial Grand Lodge viewed the petition with favour. The erection and consecration took place on Friday 6th May 1932 in the Village Hall, Scourie. The ceremony was preformed by Brother Major W.M Roberts R.W Provincial Grand Master of Sutherland assisted by his office bearers.

The Lodge moved to Durness School , first meeting on 7th December 1943 after admitting 39 Brethren into the craft in Scourie. This decision was made, as many of the Brethren were from Durness and were unable to attend in Scourie owing to transport difficulties during the war time. Quite a number of service personnel were admitted into the craft as they were stationed at RAF Sango in Durness.

The Lodge again moved back to Scourie on 3rd January 1947 after hostilities ceased and things got back to normal, there were 38 entrants whilst in Durness.

Again the Lodge moved this time to Rhiconich Hotel, the first meeting was held on the 23rd October 1962.There were 48 entrants whilst in Scourie.

After nearly a year a figure of £1 per meeting plus light and heat was agreed with the proprietor of the Hotel, also a change of Lodge meetings from 2nd Tuesdays to 2nd Saturdays of each month.

The Lodge was once again moved this time to a permanent home in Balnakiel Craft Village Durness, there were 36 entrants whilst in Rhiconoch Hotel.

The Lodge took approximately a year to convert the empty ex-Helicopter fuel store into the now well known Masonic Lodge. The Rededication Ceremony took place on Saturday 14th April 1979, the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master of Sutherland Bro.A.Ross and the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Chaplain of Sutherland Bro.Geo.Dingwall conducted the ceremony. There being 66 Brethren attending this meeting, to date there have been 37 entrants (Feb 2007).

Over the years there have been a lot of improvements to the building mainly inside but some outside, the main conversion from gas lighting and heating to electricity. Many thanks are due to the Brethren both past and present who gave up their time and some money for all the work completed to date.

The final purchase of the building from the Highland Regional Council took place on the 8th November 1980 for a total of £259.50, the title deeds being lodged with Bank of Scotland (Lairg) November1981 for safe keeping, they have since been transferred to the Royal Bank of Scotland in Ullapool.

(Lodge History supplied by Brothers W. Mackay and Gordon Clarke)