East Sutherland is to have its first night-time landing area for air ambulance helicopters, thanks to local freemasons. A car park in Golspie will be designated as a helipad with emergency lights being temporarily fitted prior to a landing and removed afterwards. The £400 lights have been supplied and donated by the Provincial Grand Lodge of Sutherland. The need for such a landing area was recognised after the late Iain Murray of Dornoch needed to be taken at night by air ambulance from the Lawson Memorial Hospital in Golspie to Raigmore Hospital in Inverness. However, there are no landing lights at the Lawson and instead he had to be taken by road. Mr Murray suggested to fellow freemasons in the Provincial Grand Lodge of Sutherland that members could donate emergency lights for the Lawson, which was agreed. But after conferring with the Scottish Air Ambulance Service, it was discovered that helicopters would be unable to land at night within the grounds because of newly planted trees, although the operation would be possible during the day. It was decided another site needed to be found and, after consultation with Highland Council, the car park in Church Street opposite the Free Church was chosen as being suitable. Apparatus will be installed designating where each of the lights can be attached. Signs will be erected warning the public that this is an emergency helicopter landing area and no parking will be allowed after dark. Members of the Golspie fire unit will be responsible for fixing the lights prior to a landing and removing them afterwards. They will be stored at the fire station and charged there.